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The new improved web site!

Posted by Rod Ennor. Managing Director on 16th Aug 2014

Thanks for having a look at our new web site and for the ongoing support over the last 13 plus years.   Pump Warehouse started as just an idea about 16 years ago and now we are a team of 5 full time staff plus a couple of part time "after school slaves" and of course our resident part-time electrician to keep us safe and legal.  We have sold pumps to clients in nearly every town in Australia and our clients include farmers, home owners, government departments, water authorities, councils, companies big and small as well as schools and universities.   The majority of our customers generally have two requirements that we must meet when trusting us with their order, quality and reliability and so we have selected pump manufacturers with excellent reputations for the highest quality equipment and high business morals.   Please let me know if there is anything that you don't like about the new site or, anything that you think we need to add.   Thanks again for making time.