Float Level Switch

We use the Australian Kelco brand equipment in all of our own projects where a level switch, float switch or flow switch is required as they have proven to be extremely reliable.   Made by Kelco Engineering, an Australian company which has been designing and manufacturing high quality reliable switching equipment for many years.   We have Kelco switches in solar water projects, sewage treatment sites, desalination projects, stock water tanks, bore pumps and commercial pumping stations to name a few and they just keep working.   Superior quality, reliable switching and a reasonable price make Kelco switches our favourite.

  • The Kelco D50 level switch is suitable to directly switch motors to 1.5 kW single phase.

    D50 Heavy Duty Kelco Level Switch

    At last we have the ultimate float switch to control electric pumps, valves and other equipment based on the level of the liquid in a tank.   The new D50 is machined from billet aluminium and the floats/weight/displacers are solid glass...
    $249.70 (Inc. GST)
    $227.00 (Ex. GST)
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