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Kelco Pump Control

Kelco is an Australian Manufacturer of etremely accurate and reliable flow and pressure switches plus pump controllers and level switches.   We have been supplying Kelco products for many years and our customers are very pleased with the quality and reliability.

  • Kelco F29 Programmable Flow Switch - Pump Controller
    $381.70 (inc GST) $347.00 (ex GST) Kelco F29 Programmable Flow Switch - Pump Controller
    This is a fantastic Australia Made controller for any single phase pump up to 2.4 kW directly.   With 10 timers built in, this unit is particularly suited to bore pumps to eliminate unwanted stop/starts caused by...

  • F60 Kelco pump controller and built-in pressure switch with digital display
    $481.00 (inc GST) $437.27 (ex GST) Kelco F60 Pump Controller with built-in pressure switch
    This Australian Made automatic pump controller has got to be the ultimate in safety and performance.   Built-in pressure switch, timers, alarm and paddle switch provides an extremely reliable pump controller.  ...