Falcon Connectors

These Falcon connectors are the perfect connector for joining tanks to pump to filters to outlets as they are made from 316L stainless steel, will not kink or crush and can be bent around in nearly any angle or shape and still allow full flow through the connector.   Pressure rated to operate at 200 psi or 1,400 kPa with a burst pressure of a staggering 1,850 psi and rated for use with water between 0 degrees C and 95 C.  Watermark Approved for plumbing use.   All Falcon connectors will be shipped as straight as possible, however, if longer than 900mm they may be curved to fit into packaging cartons that can be sent with Australia Post.

  • Made in the USA since 1986,
  • Australian Watermark Approved,
  • Kink and crimp free, does not kink when bent,
  • Full bore for unrestricted full bore flow,
  • Extremely flexible and can be re-bent without damage,
  • Highest quality EPDM washer,
  • Resists work hardening,
  • 100% leak tested,
  • Lifetime Warranty,